Mandarin4you is a language school with top-ranked Chinese educators. We developed the promotional leaflets and cards for distribution in the United Kingdom.




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艺安为Mandarin4you设计的宣传页独特精致,美轮美奂,充满中国特色。 独具匠心的凤凰图形代表着Mandarin4you创始人均为女性,作为中国语言文化的传播者,她们爱好世界和平, 追求和谐发展。朱红的背景配以白色、金色的图案和文字,简洁大气,让人过目不忘。谜语的设计别具一格, 体现出学校的特色,文化和语言教学融合,既实用又有趣。整个设计既突出了中国特色, 又很好地表现出学校的办学宗旨,目标和特点,堪称美妙!

Anja has designed unique, delicate, beautiful leaflets for Mandarin4you, which are full of Chinese characteristics. The distinctive drawing of the Phoenix stands for the Mandarin4you’s female founders. As communicators of the Chinese language and culture, they love peace in the world and they pursue harmonious development. The scarlet background with white and gold patterns and words makes the page look simple and grand. It is impressive. The riddle design is unique, reflecting the features of the school, the fusion of culture and the way of language teaching, both pragmatic and fun. The whole design does not only highlight the Chinese characteristics, but also demonstrates the school's mission, goals and features. The design is wonderful!

Tang Ling, Founder - Mandarin4you




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