A picture is worth a thousand words and a perfect way to showcase your passion. Your care in the preparation of a meal. The way you decorate your premises to welcome guests. The smile on the faces of your staff. The happy diners at your tables.

We use photography to transform culinary experiences into life desires.

Our services


Fixed Price


3-hour photo session
Photography of small objects with a matte texture without transparency or reflection
Careful lighting on a white background
Retouched (colorimetry, cropping and dusting)
Production format optimised for e-commerce
JPG, 72 dpi (1500x1500px)

300 € incl. VAT per session
Travel costs excluded

Examples of realisable photos: food dishes, food packaging, groceries, ...

Typically 18-24 photos (3 perspectives per photo), assuming selection and preparation by client

Fixed Price


Design and production of an original animated card
Up to 30 seconds
Versions for website & social media

1200 € incl. VAT
40% deposit required

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